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Hello all,
I just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you all know Book Three is still in the works. Between writing and work, I seldom find time to blog, so I apologize for the long absence . However, I plan to wrap up the final installment to the Nightwind trilogy by the end of next year--a finished rough draft at least. If you thought the second book was too short, I'm happy to say that this book won't have that problem. Considering that I have a lot of story to pack into the last novel, it will probably be right up there in terms of length with the first book--perhaps longer.  I just wanted to reassure all my fans that Rayna, Arstinax and the others are not forgotten, and I hope to put a tidy bow on this project sooner rather than later. Thank you all for your patience and support as I work to conclude a story that means a lot to me. More updates to follow.

Thanks again,

R.A. Baker


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